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Jewel Adams
STARGAZER - Available Now

DREAM LOVER - Available Now

SLEEPING OAKS - Available Now

Lori Avocato
Lucky in Love-Available Now
Mainstream contemporary romance

Beverly Haynes, Publisher of WCP
The Yellow Bordello                                                                         

Loretta Jackson and Vickie Britton,
No Longer Drifting 
The Bloody Knife 
Bitter Melody (2004)

Shannah Biondine

Muncy Chapman
Weeds in the Wiregrass August 2004
Wiregrass Politics October 2004
third volume in the Wiregrass Trilogy

Phyllis Marie Campbell                                                                  "Holding Out For A Hero"Oct 2004

Jennifer Cloud -"Wanting More"Dec.2004                                                                              

Cindy Davis:Final Masquerade-Available Now
Dessert Bandits-Available Now 

Circus Bandits 5/04
Are We There Yet? 8/04
Shadow Bandits11/04
Orphan Bandits

Arryn Heath
Daughter of the Stone                                                                  
November 2004

Jan Janssen
Loving Ben-Available Now

Mission Of Mersea
- October 2004
Jan's Prose Garden'        

Karole Kennedy
Fly to Me-Available Now
Scars of The Heart-Available Now

Monica M Martin -                                                                       Lucinda's Contract-Available Now

Kristy McCaffrey
THE WREN-Available Now

Janet Mills:                                                                                                   The Sweetest Gift,-Avaiable Now 
Best Of All-Available Now
Nothing Less Than Love-Late 2004

Judith R. Parker
CATO WAHL /Western

Nancy Ann Rose
BROKEN PROMISES                                                                     Coming Soon

Jaye Roycraft
Aces Nov 2004
Romantic Suspense

Sabra Brown Steinsiek
The Taylor Morgan Trilogy
Timing Is Everything  
When That TIme Comes
'Til The End of TIme (Nov.2004)

Jura MacLean Sherwood
Wave Me Goodbye-Available Now 
Diane Story
The Overlanders Bride
August 2004
Bewitching My Love October 2004
Brenda Weaver
Hell's Raging Fury
Coming Dec. 2004                                                                 

Sherry Derr-Wille
Summer's Child-Available Now 
Donegal's Mistress-Available Now 
Port of Fear - April 2004 
His Slave - May 2004
Birdsinger's Woman July 2004

Cheryl Wright:"Saving Emma"                                                           Jan. 2005                                                                          





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